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Creating a high-performance communication culture
National - Essential Series
Mon 10 Apr 2017, 2:30pm to 3:30pm EST

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TypeInformation Session
LevelEssential Series
  • Business Development
Duration1 Hour
LocationOnline and at your desk, National
Peer+ points0
Cost inc. GST (Members)$60
Cost inc. GST (Non-members)$88
Who should attend?
  • New VET Staff
  • Teachers
  • Administration Staff
  • Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • New Higher Education Staff
  • CEOs
  • Campus Director
  • Academic Director
  • Business Development Staff
  • Academic Staff
  • Finance Staff

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“Persistent negative comments about the administration and processes in our workplace result in an overall negative feel in our staff room. Once negativity is the benchmark others spiral down as well.”

“Twice now I have asked one person a question about something of a concern to me and twice she has replied in a sarcastic manner which made me feel unsupported. Also, in meetings with others, she essentially ignores my comments or suggestions.”

These are among hundreds of anonymous comments shared with us by staff participating in our online team communication training. Sadly, these type of comments are not at all unusual. Quite the contrary. Through this program we ask participants, ‘Have you recently been, or are you being, affected by negative communication behaviours at work? On average 60 % say ‘Yes’. Only 13% said ‘No’.

These behaviours include things like:

  • Being persistently negative;
  • Commonly adopting negative body language or critical facial expressions;
  • Making patronising, condescending, sarcastic or derisive comments;
  • Talking about others behind their backs. 

The effects on individuals and on organisational performance are weighty indeed. Research shows that team communication failures account for more than 70% of costly business mistakes.

This session will coach participants in how to reduce mistakes and maximise team function by dealing with counterproductive communication behaviours and practising results-focused communication.

Learning Outcomes
  • Reduce ineffective and negative communication
  • Confidently manage difficult communication
  • Maximise team function using positive communication
  • Reduce time-wasting, energy-sapping negativity in the workplace
  • Increase and sustain a positive workplace communication culture
Facilitated by: Leanne Drew-McKain

Leanne Drew-McKain is a leading communication coach, highly regarded for her unique ability to build organisational communication culture and develop highest order ommunication capabilities in leaders and teams—creating her own coaching brand and suite of products and services that are forging a new and needed place in education, health and business. Undertaking a Masters in Neuroscience, Leanne brings valuable research understanding to her work proven significantly to benefit people and organisations.


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