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ACPET and Velg Training have been providers of professional development to trainers and assessors for many years and have come together to share a common goal: to share a common goal of providing trainers and assessors with access to high quality professional development at an affordable price.

Ten leading VET experts will present 10 targeted webinars over 5 days at a reduced rate of $49.00 (regardless of your membership status with either organisation).

The top 5 webinars from each organisation have been selected based on their previous success and the fantastic feedback they have received in the past.

MONDAY - 23 Oct

Key Features of a Quality Assessment Tools
Discuss and clarify definitions of an assessment tool and an assessment instrument, explore the ideal characteristics of an assessment tool and take a close look at how the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence apply in the development of assessment tools.

Effective Training Techniques - Understanding how to use C.O.R.E - Closers, Openers, Revisiters, Energisers
This session focuses on how to integrate participant-centred learning through the use of C.O.R.E. (Closers, Openers, Revisiters, Energisers). It will demonstrate how to add impact to your training with applicable openers and closers, support the revisiting of content in new and fresh ways and will outline how to engage your participants with fast, yet effective energisers. A range of additional support materials will also be provided to assist in putting C.O.R.E. into practice.

TUESDAY - 24 Oct

Techniques for clustering units for delivery and assessment
Join this webinar to bust your myths and understand more about the benefits, the challenges and the reasons for clustering – for the learner, the trainer/assessor and the RTO.

Five Challenges for Assessors
Designed to help Vocational Education and Training (VET) Trainers and Assessors gain a clearer understanding of common issues that arise in competency-based assessment (CBA). It will provide attendees with an opportunity to update their knowledge and skills on five challenges faced by Trainers and Assessors in VET.


RPL is Mandatory - You Need a User-Friendly RPL Kit!
Explore the opportunities to “put into effect” an RPL assessment approach that is user-friendly for both the candidate and the assessor whilst maintaining, in an efficient and effective manner, the quality and rigour of the qualification.

Online Training Design: From unpacking a unit to selecting the right online training and assessment
This session will show you how to use the action mapping online design process to unpack a unit of competency to develop of an online training program which is engaging and relevant to your learners.


Implementing Systematic Validation
This session guides participants through the process of implementing systematic validation as required by the Standards for RTOs 2015. Clauses 1.9 – 1.11 of the Standards will be discussed, along with guidance on the ‘how to’ of validation.

How to change your teaching style to accommodate different learning levels (AQF levels) i.e. certificates through to diploma
This webinar will explore teaching techniques, classroom interaction patterns and learning material choices that enable trainers to accommodate different learner levels in one group to maximise results.

FRIDAY - 27 Oct

Assessment Mapping
Ensuring your assessment covers the unit of competency it is assessing is a requirement of Clause 1.8 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. The most straight forward way of ensuring and demonstrating this is through mapping the assessment against the unit.

Foundation Skills in Units – Why and Where?
This webinar for vocational trainers and assessors will briefly cover why these skills are important to unit outcomes, and where critical foundation skill triggers are in units and their assessment requirements. It will model a common sense approach to building foundation skills into training and assessment.


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