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ACPET offers a number of innovative PD options to connect, learn and improve your skills in your own time. These include:


ACPET webinars are delivered by industry professionals who provide practical and up-to-date skills, drawing on 'real life' educational situations. Webinars are offered in two formats - live sessions and recorded sessions. They run for a maximum of one hour and are accessible via computer or mobile device. 

Various options
ASQA concerns - How to address the top four areas of concern.

ASQA has recently announced four main areas that are causing non-compliance during audit.  Take a look at the flyer to see the top four concerns and the webinars that can provide guidance and support on overcoming these areas of concern.

Standard 1.16 – Are your trainers and assessors maintaining their currency?

Trainers and assessors need to maintain compliance with Standard 1.16, which requires all trainers and assessors to have current knowledge and skills in vocational training by undertaking professional development.  ACPET PD has created various webinars that can be completed to support trainers and assessors in maintaining compliance with Standard 1.16.

Ethics & Quality – How to create a culture of ethics and quality

Promote a culture of ethics and quality within your organisation by undertaking pre-recorded webinars that helps build and strengthen the educational sectors ethics and quality.

Webinar series – Become a knowledge master

A series of webinars have been pre-recorded to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of: Trainer Techniques, Management Skills, Validation, Assessment, Human Resources and Quality.  Take a look at the flyer and sign-up for a webinar series to increase your understanding and skill level today!

Meeting the Standards Series

A range of pre-recorded webinars have been developed to align with every standard and clause of the Standards for RTOs 2015.  Purchase one webinar or the full package of 28 webinars to upskill you and your staff.

Skills First Funding - Vic

The 2017 Victorian Skills First funding program requires providers to ensure that all trainers and assessors involved in online delivery to undertake specific professional development.  The flyer outlines convenient ways that trainers and assessors can implement a plans in regards to online learning.


ACPET has developed a range of e-learning programs to suit industry professionals at all levels and functions. Programs are grouped into: Introductory, Specialist and Master levels for all staff in VET, Higher Education, CRICOS and ELICOS institutions.

E-Learning programs are a blended learning model consisting of three webinars, reflective learning questions, research questions and links to further information. An ACPET certificate is issued on completion of the program which can support currency and compliance regulations.

This will be available in July 2017!


No upcoming workshops are scheduled at this stage, however workshops are added on a regular basis.

Networking events

Regular events are held nationally for all ACPET members. Notification of events are sent via e-alerts.  Be sure to register for events in your state.

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