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ACPET has developed three webinar payment options.

Purchase individual webinars

Individual webinars are priced at $60 for members and $88 for non-members.

PD pricing plans - PD Starter Kit 2018

ACPET’s PD Pricing Plan gives unlimited access to ACPET webinars. The price allows members to purchase a yearly PD Plan that will give all staff unlimited access to webinars for a one off payment.

  • ACPET Cat 2-3 Member - $1,125

  • ACPET Cat 4 Member - $1,500

  • ACPET Cat 5 Member - $2,025

  • ACPET Cat 6 Member - $3,000

  • ACPET Cat 7 Member - $3,750

  • ACPET Cat 8 Member - $4,500

ACPET ensures PD is both affordable and accessible with well-priced events, and two webinar offers that allow you to get the most value for your money. PD Pricing Plans and pre-purchase packages are available to all, with PD plans giving unlimited webinar access to all staff within your organisation.

The Pricing Plans provide a highly cost effective solution for your organisation and makes meeting compliance and auditing requirements easier, as we can provide reports on what PD has been completed by staff. Pre-purchase packages give a great cost saving, when compared with purchasing individual webinars for each staff member.

We are currently developing a wider range of interesting and engaging topics for 2018.

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