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Meeting the standards: getting compliant with LLN
Tasmania - Essential Series
Wed 24 Apr 2013, 9:30am to 11:30am EST

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TypeInformation Session
LevelEssential Series
  • Business Management & Administration
Duration2 Hours
LocationAt your desk, Webinar, Tasmania
Peer+ points5
Cost inc. GST (Members)$99
Cost inc. GST (Non-members)$129
Who should attend?
  • Teachers
  • Campus Director
  • Academic Director
  • Academic Staff

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Get your RTO on board with LLN and get compliant.
Overcome your RTO’s LLN fear and resistance.
Transform your thinking and practices about LLN.
Change from ad-hoc to consistent.
Deal with LLN – don’t just outsource it!

ACPET is liaising with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to deliver a workshop that assists members to understand their LLN compliance requirements as VET practitioners and develop skills and experience towards achieving them. ACER has developed the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA), a robust, easy-to-use diagnostic e-tool that automatically generates assessments on incoming students’ LLN needs, from basic to advanced. The CSPA also includes support resources to help address those needs once identified. The tool, that ACPET is encouraging its members to trial, will contribute evidence of LLN compliance. Read more about the tool:

Participating in the workshop (face-to-face or videoconference) or webinar

  1. The PD workshops will support addressing RTOs’ increasing LLN compliance obligations and measuring LLN needs against the Australian Core Skills Framework.
  2. Participants will be introduced to the CSPA tool. ACPET participants will be trained in how to use the tool, including how to interpret results from different groups and understand the strategies needed to close LLN gaps when matched against the LLN requirements of different units of competency within a qualification.  Workshop (not webinar) participants will have the opportunity to purchase discounted login access, under a special licensing agreement with ACPET.
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • appreciate the role LLN skills have on outcomes in training and workplace delivery and productivity
  • understand the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF)
  • understand the role of assessment of LLN in VET
  • knowledge and understanding of strategies and activities that teachers and trainers can undertake to address and support any literacy gaps that exist and are identified
  • overcome possible confusion about LLN and overcome resistance to developing LLN capability and compliance as an RTO, and
  • transform their own and their RTOs’ approach to LLN and practices in addressing students’ LLN skills needs.
Facilitated by: Dave Tout

Dave Tout is one of Australia’s leading numeracy personnel, with over 30 years adult education experience. Working with schools, ACE providers, TAFEs, workplaces, AMES and universities, Dave has wide experience in teaching and training and in working at a state, national and international level in curriculum, assessment and materials development and in research. Dave has had major responsibility for the numeracy domain of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). Dave was on the expert group overseeing the numeracy component of the international Adult Literacy and Life Skills (ALLS) survey and is a member of the numeracy expert group for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies Programme.

Dave has worked as a consultant or as a provider of a range of research, curriculum and materials development projects for both State and Federal governments and for educational providers, Dave has delivered a wide range of PD and training programs in schools, ACE providers, TAFEs, workplaces, AMES and universities for over 30 years. He has written and delivered training programs for adult numeracy and mathematics teaching.


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