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Obtain recognition as a Quality VET Trainer/Assessor Get in early and join the ACPET VET Practitioner Register!

VET Trainers and Assessors can now obtain public recognition for their capabilities and experience, and have their professional status acknowledged as quality VET practitioners.

Why have a VET Practitioner Register?

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training has developed the VET Practitioner register in consultation with senior VET professionals, Training Managers and CEOs of RTOs to:

  • formally acknowledge VET practitioners as belonging to a recognised profession;
  • provide RTOs with a trusted foundation for validating a candidate’s claim when seeking employment as a quality trainer/assessor; and to
  • continue raising the quality bar in VET nationally through the development of quality VET practitioners.
Am I eligible to apply?

If you’re a qualified and experienced Trainer and/or Assessor who delivers quality outcomes for learners in the Vocational Education and Training Sector in any
industry area, you can apply to be accepted to the ACPET VET Practitioner Register. You will need to meet the selection criteria and your application will be validated and independently reviewed by a VET Expert.

How will I benefit by joining the Register?

If you are accepted to the register as a Quality VET Practitioner you will:

  • gain public recognition and be acknowledged for your professional standing as a VET practitioner;
  • obtain work and career advancement opportunities by being listed on the register that will be accessed by ACPET member RTOs;
  • gain opportunities for networking, further development and exchanging ideas with other VET practitioners through access to discounted professional development, VET Forums and networking events.
You will also receive:
  • a certificate of inclusion on the ACPET VET Practitioner Register with dedicated logo;
  • access to 3 free professional development (PD) webinars a year and other discounted professional development opportunities, Forums, ACPET National conference and networking events;
  • listing on the web-based register that ACPET member RTOs can check when recruiting;
  • a digital signature block with logo indicating your listing on the register that you can add to your business cards, email signature and job applications; and
  • access to VET sector events and information through ACPET’s weekly e-newsletter.

If you’re accepted to the VET Practitioner Register, your name will appear alphabetically on the website register for ACPET Member RTOs to view. However, no personal information from your application will be shared.

How do I apply?

You can apply online here and upload the following

  • your current resume including industry experience and copies of relevant qualifications;
  • copies of referee reports and contact details of 3 referees (onshore only);
  • a copy of your police check and/or working with children check conducted in the last 2 years;
  • a portfolio of relevant work (e.g. teaching resources, assessments, materials developed);
  • a statement of your personal reflection on VET practice and pedagogy and how you apply this in practice;
  • evidence of relevant Professional Development undertaken in the last 2 years, including strategies for remaining current and when you propose to upgrade to the latest TAE (if you haven’t already done so);

You will also need to declare online that you abide by the ACPET Code of Ethics in particular the sections relating to Quality Education and Student Services.

Selection criteria

After an initial validity check with employers and/or referees, your application will be reviewed by an independent VET expert based on the following essential criteria:

  • You hold the necessary and up to date qualifications for being a VET Trainer/Assessor as required by ASQA (see here: ttps://
  • You have at least two years’ successful experience in education and training, preferably in the VET sector, but may consider relevant or related experience from other sectors.
  • You deliver and/or assess (now or previously) in an industry area for which you have industry experience and you demonstrate efforts and strategies for retaining your industry currency.
  • You demonstrate evidence of regularly participating in relevant professional development activity and demonstrate efforts and strategies for retaining your VET currency.
  • Your application demonstrates a sound understanding and application of contemporary and quality VET practice, pedagogy and regulatory requirements through your statement of VET practice and the resources you’ve developed.
  • You demonstrate initiative, creativity/originality and compliance with the respective training package, licensing and regulatory requirements, through the samples of materials and resources that you’ve developed and uploaded.
  • Feedback in referees’ reports and/or satisfaction surveys indicate that you are a quality, ethical and compliant VET practitioner.

To retain your registration status, you will need to participate in 20 hours relevant PD each year. Three free webinars of your choice will be offered to successful applicants which can count towards that.

How much will it cost?

The fee to join the register is $195+gst renewable annually, which includes an upfront non-refundable application fee of $50+gst.

Renewal in the 2nd and 3rd years will be reduced to $150+gst on condition that the requirement to participate in 20 hours relevant PD each year is met.

To apply to join the VET Practitioner Register go to:

For enquiries contact:

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