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Queensland Update Edition 745, 19 Feb

This week was partly spent in Melbourne at the Board strategic planning day. It’s the usual formula any business owner doesn’t want to hear: the priorities are many, the consumers are broad in their needs, and the resources are limited to service the demand. I have no doubt the Board wil... Read more

NT Update Edition 745, 19 Feb

Registrations are still open for this Thursdays ACPET VET EsseNTials Forum at the Hilton. VET Guru John Price will be conducting two sessions – one on currency and one on competence with a view, of course, to attaining compliance and doing business better. During the day there will also be pr... Read more

SA and WA Update Edition 745, 19 Feb

Joy de Leo, Executive Officer, SA & WA is the representative for SA and WA and may be contacted on M 0400 097 332 email Please find below a few key updates: South Australia  Nominations are now open for the 2018 South Australian Training Awards   Hosted... Read more

International Education data gaps survey – your chance to participate Edition 745, 19 Feb

IEAA is undertaking a comprehensive analysis of existing international education data, as well as identifying any data gaps or areas for improvement. This project aims to discern, from an education provider perspective: Current available international education data and the extent to which it is... Read more

ASEAN-Australia Business Summit (Free), Sydney 16 March 2018, 10am 4:30pm Edition 745, 19 Feb

The ASEAN-Australia Business Summit - SME Conference will be held on Friday 16 March 2018 from 10am to 4:30pm at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. The Conference provides a unique opportunity for Australian SME’s to hear from regional specialists, business leaders and successful... Read more

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications Edition 745, 19 Feb

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications came into force on 1 February this year and was co-signed by Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea. It is anticipated that this will facilitate the recognition of qualification... Read more

PwC conducting Focus Groups re barriers to Inclusion for People with Disability Edition 745, 19 Feb

PwC’s Skills for Australia will be starting a round of Focus Groups, to discuss the skill and knowledge gaps that need to be filled to address the key barriers to the inclusion of people with disability in vocational education, employment, and customer service environments. Focus Groups will... Read more

A short and sweet one again this week Edition 745, 19 Feb

Higher education members will hopefully be pleased to know that the program for the Higher Education Forum in Melbourne on 21 March that ACPET is hosting together with COPHE has been released, and registration is now open. Click here to check it out. Presenters include Andrew Norton, TEQSA CEO Antho... Read more

NMU Archive
SA and WA Update Edition 744, 12 Feb

Joy de Leo, Executive Officer, SA & WA is the representative for SA and WA and may be contacted on M 0400 097 332 email Please find below a few key updates: South Australia  Consultation on Unduly Short Courses and Training Package Reform, 26 Feb Adelaide In D... Read more

I think they say a week is a long time in politics……. Edition 744, 12 Feb

Last week saw the announcement of the new ASQA Deputy Commissioner, Ms Saxon Rice. Ms Rice was Assistant Minister for Technical and Further Education in the former Campbell Newman Government from 2012 to 2015, and has since held senior management roles and been a member of the Administrative Appeal... Read more

Fact sheet on new Standard 7 Process Edition 744, 12 Feb

From 1 January 2018 PRISMS was changed so that all students wishing to enrol at another provider whilst within their restriction period now require a release in PRISMS from each Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) within their visa pathway. This was implemented based on feedback from the sector on stude... Read more

NT Update Edition 744, 12 Feb

As we leap into February it is obvious that planning for the year ahead is well under way. Last week the NT Government hosted a series of Economic Development Industry Partners forums providing briefings and consultations across a raft of industry areas. The diversity of doing business in the NT was... Read more

VIC and TAS Update Edition 744, 12 Feb

Victoria VIC Training Awards - Private Training Providers give it a go!!! Don’t miss your chance to raise your RTOs  profile, attract more students and forge your reputation as a training provider of choice. Nominate now for the 2018 Victorian training awards — celebrating everyd... Read more

Queensland Update Edition 744, 12 Feb

Last week was a busy yet focused one predominately on all things international. The implementation of the Queensland International Education and Training Strategy to Advance Queensland 2016-2022 continues to accelerate and gather momentum when you thought there were no more gears left to use.... Read more

Know your voice Edition 744, 12 Feb

Congratulations to Nicholas Marks, CEO of The Australian Institute of Family Counselling who has been appointed to the Board of Directors to act as the ACT Board member until the AGM later in the year. Nicholas has excellent corporate experience and will be an asset and of benefit to both the B... Read more

Ensuring your students are enrolling in the right course Edition 744, 12 Feb

We are all aware that the VET sector took a significant beating over the past three years and this created a negative impact on the sector.  Whilst we are aware of the contributing factors, it is timely for us to take the lead and show the public that the private VET sector is vital to the Aust... Read more

Acadmic Year rolling ahead Edition 743, 5 Feb

The start of the academic year has started and I hope it’s been busy for you all. We have experienced changes in the sector with some college closures and the expansion of others, influx of international students and the commencement of VET students. In Hobart, we have seen an International c... Read more

SA and WA Update Edition 743, 5 Feb

Joy de Leo, Executive Officer, SA & WA is the representative for SA and WA and may be contacted on M 0400 097 332 email Please find below a few key updates: South Australia  Training Package Review  It’s important for all of us to have input to the... Read more

Consultations on Unduly Short Courses and Training Product Reform Edition 743, 5 Feb

The federal government has released consultation papers on unduly short courses and training product reform. The consultation paper on unduly short courses follows ASQA’s report in June 2017 that recommended the further defining and setting of mandatory training requirements under certain c... Read more

ASEAN Australia Education Dialogue 2018 Edition 743, 5 Feb

Preparations for the ASEAN Australia Education Dialogue 2018 are progressing well and already an impressive list of supporters and sponsors and delegates are also progressing well. ASEAN are particularly pleased to be nominated as an event within the framework of the Prime Minister's ASEAN Au... Read more

Matt Edition 743, 5 Feb

Matthew Traynor Executive Officer QLD  ... Read more

A reminder and a reflection Edition 743, 5 Feb

I'm a believer that you don't do things for the sake of doing them, otherwise they lose their meaning and value. From time to time I won't have a lot to say in this weekly newsletter. On those weeks I'll be making a conscious effort to not waffle on about nothing. This is one of thos... Read more

Now that January has passed Edition 743, 5 Feb

Now that January has passed –  and hopefully we have seen the last of that monsoonal deluge – there already seems to be a sense of urgency as we lurch into a new school/work year. On the ACPET front, don’t forget to register for the forthcoming ACPET VET Essentials Forum at... Read more

Student visa program: Processing update for education providers Edition 743, 5 Feb

Notification of a deferral (compassionate or compelling circumstances) As you may be aware, student visa holders whose enrolment is deferred for compelling or compassionate reasons are not subject to visa cancellation for breach of condition 8202 (relating to non-enrolment). Under Standard 9 o... Read more

As the calls grow louder Edition 743, 5 Feb

Last week I commented on the need for clear direction in Tertiary Education.  Following my call during the week there has been even more evidence of the need to save the VET sector from its demise. The Productivity Commission released its Report on Government Services for 2018 and what a so... Read more

Kaospilot Masterclass Australia '18 Edition 742, 29 Jan

The KAOSPILOT, the alternative business, design & leadership school in Denmark, in collaboration with HUDDLE, COLLEGE OF EVENT MANAGEMENT & the SYDNEY DESIGN SCHOOL will run, for the 1st time in the Australia, in Melbourne & sydney, it's highly acclaimed 3 day masterclass to enable e... Read more

What a month so far….. Edition 742, 29 Jan

Welcome back to all our Victorian / Tasmanian members for 2018. As the month is steam rolling along, I have been active with our respective State chairs visiting and meeting with our State Government Stakeholders. This week, I was in Hobart and held meetings with the Department of Skills Growth aro... Read more

Opportunity: A great way to begin a new year Edition 742, 29 Jan

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and, irrespective of the political debate about our national day that's been consuming elements of the media, took a few moments to appeciate the wonderful country we're all so fortunate to live in. Its been said that Australia is the land of oppor... Read more

Happy New Year Edition 742, 29 Jan

Welcome back for 2018! Joy DeLeo, Executive Office, SA & SA is currently on leave and will be back with us at the end of the month. If members need to get in contact with an ACPET representitive in the meantime, please contact us on 03 9412 5900. Please find below a few key updates: South Aus... Read more

Michael Edition 742, 29 Jan

  Michael Hall  NT Executive Officer   ... Read more

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