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Stating the Obvious Edition 758, 21 May

You would forgive me for saying that the last few weeks have not been the best for independent providers of tertiary education and training. At the federal level, the Government ‘let the ball go’ and failed to respond to the decay of the VET sector with only a dogged commitment to its Sk... Read more


International Update Edition 758, 21 May

Federal Government now provides loans to enable CRICOS providers to expand The federal government has extended the role of *EFIC to include education providers *(Federal government agency that provides finance support to export companies where their bank cannot help) In terms of international e... Read more

Invitation for RTOs to participate in a survey of the USI initiative Edition 758, 21 May

The USI Office has commissioned ACIL Allen Consulting to conduct a Review of the implementation of the USI Initiative. As part of this Review, RTOs are invited to participate in a survey to allow ACIL Allen to gather the views of stakeholders on the current implementation and use of the USI. You... Read more


Across ACPET, our strategy is to develop the capacity and capability of our sector through a wide-ranging set of activities and programs. We know that the future of our sector will be about having the best people making the best decisions for their students and their learning. You have a learner wh... Read more

ACPET BD Opportunities Edition 758, 21 May

Make it Cheaper Did you know that some energy retailers can switch you to a higher rate or lower discount when your contract expires? It happens. Make It Cheaper want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. That’s why ACPET partnered with Make it Cheaper – to help members save mo... Read more

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