Representing quality private education
providers in Australia

By joining ACPET, you contribute to the collective voice of the private tertiary sector and benefit from a range of services to enhance your business, the quality of your education and training offering, and contribute to Australia’s impressive reputation as a leader in tertiary education and training.

ACPET offers the following forms of membership:


Membership is open to organisations delivering  private post-secondary education and training: providers of higher education, vocational and technical education, English language training, schools, foundation studies and pathway programs.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is open to individuals who do not deliver accredited education or training, but have significant involvement in the private education sector, typically as a consultant. Affiliate members share most of the benefits of full membership, but are not eligible for the ACPET administered Australian Students Tuition Assurance Scheme (ASTAS).

Partner in Education membership

Partner in Education membership is available for the increasing number of other types of organisations in the education industry. For example publicly owned providers who earn fee-for-service revenue, have partnerships with ACPET members, and are committed to a contestable tertiary education sector. This category is also open to agent organisations, overseas organisations, industry bodies and peak bodies with whom ACPET enters partnership arrangements. ASTAS cover can be included.

New members in each of ACPET’s existing categories: Member, Affiliate and Partner in Education, are classed as an Associate for the first 12 months.

ACPET engages closely with associate members to develop a deep understanding of the new members’ individual business, issues and priorities.

Membership Fees are determined upon the applicant’s annual gross turnover.


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