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Skills Standards Organisations - update

Monday, November 23 2015

Skills Service Organisations arein the process of being established to service the skilling needs of industry throughout the nation. SSOs will provide a range of independent, professional enabling activities  to support industry reference committees to review and develop training products, including training packages.

The department has progressed to stage 2 of the evaluation process for the EOI to operate as a Skills Service Organisation.

The Minister has agreed to six broad industry groupings and the department is currently seeking costs from applicants  in stage 2, for one or more of these five industry groupings:

  1. Government and Administration, Health and Community Services, Services Industry, and Public Safety and Security;
  2. Construction and Property, Utilities, Engineering, Information and Telecommunications, and Property – Surveying  and Spatial Information Services;
  3. Agriculture (including Forest and Forest Products), Food Processing, Environmental Management, and Sustainability;
  4. Arts and Recreation, Cultural Industries, Design, Business Services, and Financial  Services; and
  5. Transport and Logistics.

The department is optimistic that Skills Service Organisations for these industry sector groupings will be operational from January  2016.
The remaining industry grouping, which includes Mining and Drilling, Manufacturing, and Automotive, will now be subject to a separate select application  process. It is anticipated that this process will be initiated early in 2016, and the department reserves its right to re-visit any compliant application in accordance with section 8.11 of the EOI.

The department has advised that it will put in place transitional arrangements to provide coverage to these sectors while this process is being conducted.


The stage 1 evaluation process reflected the assessment of applicants’ organisational, operational and technical capability to support a nominated industry cluster.

At the Industry Reference Committee Chairs (IRC) meetings on 7 and 8 October with the Chair of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) Mr John Pollaers, IRC Chairs indicated an interest in the progress of the selection of the SSOs, which will support them under the new arrangements. ACPET was also  represented at this meeting by Michael Hall.

The Department of Education and Training has recently commenced stage 2 of the evaluation process for the Expression of Interest to operate as a Skills Service Organisation (EOI).  Applicants whose application has been shortlisted to proceed to stage 2 have now been asked to provide costs for a particular industry grouping.  All applications remain ‘live’ until final funding agreements have been signed.

More detail on stage 2 of the process is available at section 8.11 of the Expression of Interest on the department’s website.

Based on the Stage 1 analysis of applications, the remaining industry grouping, which includes Mining and Drilling, Manufacturing, and Automotive will be subject to a separate select application process.

ACPET is in regular communiqué with the department and will keep members informed on developments as soon as these are confirmed.


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