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Info session. Working with Asia: The skills you need / plus NT International strategy launched

Monday, September 21 2015

Well done to the NT Government with the launch last week of the Northern Territories’ Asian Engagement Trade and Investment Strategy 2015-2020.  It is heartening that the worth of growing international education and training linkages are acknowledged as the NT is punching below weight in this vital arena. The establishment of the NT’s International Education and Training Hub is well positioned to drive this agenda over the coming years.

For those interested in working with Asia, Austrade's Tracy Harris is hosting (as in free) a two hour session from 5.30pm on 12 October at the NTDO Office 76 The Esplanade. Registration essential: book through

ACPET is also working on our new International strategy – this will be launched shortly and thanks to those members who have provided input.

As an aside, one of the lamentable features of the Aussie education and training sector is the incongruity of its persuasiveness and ubiquitous characteristics contrasted to an ignorance within the broader community as to the value of this industry. It is a fair call, and certainly the case in the NT, that the average punter is not aware of these financial and social benefits and often misinformed as to the intent of our international guests.  Cheap political point scoring over fears that international students are just here to take jobs or to secure residency or access our social welfare system to their own gain are an international embarrassment and need to be countered.

A hudg well done to the new Turnbull government for the appointment of our first ever Minister for International Education.   Accordingly and on a personal note, now is the time for a concerted, national and consistent PR campaign to promote this sector.  This should be undertaken by the federal government and the state/territories in partnership given the extraordinary contributions made by these students to our nation in so many ways - also keep in mind 420 000 international students x return airfares x 1.2 visitors per student per year = around another $800 million although this is deemed as tourism revenue - but I digress.

You only had to read an article in  the Weekend Australian of a planned $30 billion education city  developed by the Chinese in Melbourne/Geelong  to  realise that other nations value global investment, innovation and mobility in our sector.   In the interim we are considering allocating $20 billion or so (watch this one grow) for submarines made in South Australia...the home of the Leyland P76 and the Collins class submarine and a state suffering from a lack of training opportunties.  So lets ignore supporting locals through training and upskilling and bring in more 457 skilled workers me thinks.

It's all about those political  ‘priorities’ Doris .. 


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