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Monday, September 7 2015


The photos above were a few highlights of the 29th Joint Conference of the Australia-Taiwan Business Council and the Republic of China-Australia Businesss Councils - above is delegate Quy Nguyen from Kaohsiung City with the python Lady Gaga, and a panel session featuring ACPET members Academies Australasia (Christopher Campbell) and  Navitas (Ms Josie Gawron) together with international delgates discussing the significance of transnational education and training.

Well done to Chris and Josie on your respective presentations which highlighted the integrity and calibre of the Australian education and training sectors.

In his opening address to delegates, Hon Peter Styles MLA Minister for Business and Minister for Asian Engagement and Trade acknowledged the contributions of ACPET in promoting the Northern Terrioty as a destination of choice for international students and in building productive partnerships offshore.



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