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CEO Update

Monday, July 27 2015

The ACPET National Conference, in conjunction with the Asia Pacific International Education Forum (APIEF) is fast approaching on 27/28 August.

The APIEF forum has come together nicely. We have a range of high quality international speakers from India, Malaysia and New Zealand, together with the Assistant Minister Simon Birmingham and government leaders from Austrade and State departments.

There are tremendous opportunities across many countries and the forum will be utilised to fine tune a new international strategy for ACPET. With the draft National Strategy for International Education, Free Trade Agreements and revised student Visa program all up for discussion at the Forum, we intend to finalise our own strategy for how we will help our members grow through both on and off shore education opportunities.

If you would like to influence this critical new arm of ACPET’s business, please register and get involved to make sure we add value to what you do. You can find out more on ACPET’s web site.

COAG appears to be in the early stages of conversations about a Commonwealth ‘take over’ of the system. This is no doubt timely as the current approach, with different arrangements, settings and priorities in each jurisdiction fails the common sense test.

The current arrangements are fragmented, confusing and lack any sense of national direction and I look forward to the policy discussion (if I can find it) to take a new approach forward.  This of course won’t happen quickly.

We therefore can not sit by and wait for others. There is much we can do now to protect the integrity of our qualifications. Quality remains the single most important focus for all of those genuinely involved in Tertiary education. My discussions with our TAFE colleagues tell me we are all concerned about the same issues for the future.

Quality and Ethics is what will set the ACPET membership apart from the rest. We have no intention of trying to represent  all private providers, we want to represent the best. With the launch of the revised Code of Ethics and the new Code of Practice, the message is clear to all members that the codes are not about regulation and compliance, they are about members aspiring to be the best educators in the industry. The gap between minimum regulatory standards that all RTOs must abide by and the aspirational approach the Code of Ethics sets, is the way we can collectively ensure student education and welfare is at the heart of our core activities.

To support this, ACPET has been working on the development of a quality strategic blueprint 'Growing a Quality Membership’. I am pleased to inform you that much has been achieved in a short period of time. The ACPET website now hosts a quality and ethics section that outlines the role of the Quality and Ethics Committee, the quality support and services that ACPET provides members, a quality manual that will be an ongoing development project, and much more information that can assist you with the running of your RTO. If you see something is missing, let us know and we will quickly adjust.

I will keep you informed on the continued progress that is being made, especially on projects like the development of eBooks on how to improve the quality of education.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort (John Ruskin)

Rod Camm


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