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This week saw ACPET begin to focus on its own redevelopment

Monday, June 29 2015

With our absolute commitment to quality, it is imperative that we too ensure that we deliver to the best standards.

Naturally this standard will be set by the expectations of members. However, we are already focussing on comprehensive professional development programs, improved communications and social media and of course much better engagement and reach to our sector.

The Victorian and Queensland forums are good examples of how much we can all benefit from quality networking with stakeholders. Put simply there is much more ahead of this type of approach.

We can all expect more changes and announcements from government on the important topic of quality. It is very pleasing that governments have recognised the need to ensure their contestable programs are well designed to help ensure a quality outcome. Governments have a more important role to play in the design of education markets, as the government contributions and loan program do reduce the role and impact of price in determining the level of allocative efficiency. Attempts to have a standoff approach to this dilemma have hurt the sector. However, it has been very pleasing that governments, regulators and our members are uniform in demanding that quality and integrity are the key features desired in the market place.

Naturally there will be obstacles ahead but we remain committed to our vision for a high quality tertiary education sector. Interestingly, the far majority of our members are already in this space. We just need to make sure it is the standard for everyone, not just the goal.

Of course the VET Fee Help space is fast moving and we are all endeavouring to ensure maximum information is available on the changes. If you are unsure of any elements of the reform, let your State/Territory Executive Officer know and they will chase down the answer.

The issue of a National Ombudsman remains work in progress. I believe it is a critical next step for our sector. I recognise the progress in Queensland and Victoria on their own approaches. This can inform the end goal but I still hope to persuade our decision makers to consider a National model, and not another 8 version approach. I also recognise that an Industry Ombudsman work best when industry funded.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

In terms of issues more parochial, this week sees the final State of Origin game between Queensland and New South Wales. Good luck to both teams but there can only be one winner and let’s hope it has a Maroon tinge!

Rod Camm


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