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Monday, March 30 2015

The USI was launched on 1 January this year, and is now a part of meeting VET data collection and reporting requirements. Over 1.5 million USIs have already been created, and most of Australia’s Training Organisations are now connected to the USI registry system, making it a part of their business.

Having the USI as part of your enrolment processes will generally make managing your reporting requirements easier. Remember, you will still need to verify a student’s USI even if you don’t plan on creating a USI on their behalf, so get connected with the USI today!

There are some handy tips and helpful video resources in the USI Help Centre that you may find useful.

Are you creating USIs on behalf of your students?  Remember, you need to check if they have already created a USI. If not, you must get their permission and let them know you will create the USI on their behalf. 

You can remind your students that they can create their USI by going to It’s free and easy to do and they’ll be on their way to having a lifetime record of all their training that they can access online anywhere.

Stay up to date with the latest news on the USI via the USI website.

You can contact the USI Office for further information via their chat function. Alternatively, call on 13 38 73 or email the USI Office.


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