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Support student choice- Higher Education Petition

Monday, February 16 2015

The Federal Government’s higher education reforms look set to be put to the Senate again in the coming weeks.
ACPET has developed an online petition highlighting the need for the reforms, without which students studying at private higher education providers remain disadvantaged.

We aim to gather as many signatures as possible (2000+) and urge you to sign the petition and distribute a link to the petition through your networks.

You can sign the petition and then share it to your network via Facebook, Twitter and email.

While it preserves essential elements of the reforms, the new Bill includes the following changes:

  • retain indexation of oustanding student debt by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rather than the 10-year bond rate previously proposed;
  • a pause on HECS indexation for primary carers of children under 5 years;
  • a structural adjustment fund to assist universities to transition to a more competitive market, particularly in regional areas;
  • a new scholarship fund within the Higher Education and Participation program for universitiers with high proportions of low SES students; and
  • a guarantee that domestic student fees will be lower than international student fees.

The full text of the new Bill may be accessed here



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