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Report from Industry Skills Councils

Monday, July 7 2014

The Industry Skills Council has recently released its report titled 'Shared responsibilities, shared solutions'  investigating the drivers that change training packages. The report identifies a number of actions that can be taken by each stakeholder, Industry Skills Councils (ISCs) included, to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their part of the process while ensuring industry’s evolving skill needs are still met by the VET system.

As an evidenced based analysis, it brings together the complex strands of the problem and identifies:

  •  How much change is actually occurring
  • What is driving the change
  • Where pressure points exist in the system that amplify the impact of each change; and
  • What can be done to reduce the impact.

The executive summary identifies drivers of change to Training Packages are not well understood. The analysis shows that the stakeholders most impacted on and most critical of the volume of continuous improvement also contribute to the problem by virtue of the model for regulation, poorly designed systems, business processes and quality assurance. Problems that exist right along the supply chain have compounded to create an imperfect process in need of improvement.

To view the full report please click th e link here. Comments to ACPET are most welcome and you can provide comments to Alan Keith of ACPET here. Feedback received prior to 18 July 2014 will be forwarded to the ACPET Board for their next meeting.


Alan Keith
International Education Policy



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