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Edition 560, 30 June 2014

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Our new Quality Support Team initiative kicks off tomorrow...

Monday, June 30 2014

I could just have easily entitled this week's article: 'Quality, quality, quality' - because following Minister Macfarlane's key note address to the National Skills Summit last week and his release of new draft Standards for NVR RTOs, and the ASQA Process Review - it's clear that changes are coming to VET regulation. This, combined with the changes the government is attempting to make to the way TEQSA operates as a regulator, and an upcoming review of the ESOS Act mean sensible regulation might just be on its way for the sector.

What do I mean by sensible regulation? Simple: for me it means less red tape for the good guys, assistance for well intentioned providers to help them overcome obstacles and achieve consistent compliance, and a big stick approach for proven poor performers.

While there are considerable details to be worked through - at a high level I was delighted by the proposals Minister Macfarlane announced with the new draft standards - not LTOs, now AEOs, no mandatory incorporation of RTOs, no Diploma to teach the Cert IV TAE but tighter requirements for marketing to students, a stronger focus on assessment, and independent validation of those teaching Training and Assessment. These are measures which are clearly targeted to the problems identified in the VET sector and measures which, in principle, ACPET strongly supports. Please contact Jon Ratcliffe with your comments on the draft Standards or to advise us of your interest in helping ACPET develop a final position on the changes.

And now - what's ACPET doing about it?

Aside from our advocacy, we're also keen to help our members move into the 'good guys' category of consistent compliance, because we're convinced that in a de-regulated sector these providers will be rewarded with a lower compliance burden. As the Minister said: "Ultimately you will see an approach to regulation that is much better targeted to the circumstances of individual RTOs... and "I acknowledge that the VET sector needs regulation to support quality and confidence in the system, but I am committed to ensuring that regulation is responsive and fair."

So to prepare our members for less regulation and less red tape - we're introducing our new Quality Support Team from tomorrow.

If you haven't renewed your membership yet then (hint, hint) you'll need to: contact the membership team if you need your renewal details re-sent.

In the meantime - the details on all aspects of the Quality Support Team are available here.

And by way of working out how much help our members might need to achieve consistent, high performing status across all aspects of their business operations - you might find my presentation to the Summit interesting.

If we can help you move your organisation from 'not quite' compliant with the Standards - to compliant - then contact the Quality Support Team from tomorrow: 1800 446 695.

Claire Field
Chief Executive Officer



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