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USI Bill passes and Assistant Minister Sussan Ley to also address National Skills Summit

Monday, June 23 2014

I was delighted last week to have confirmation from the Assistant Minister for Education’s office that she will also join the list of distinguished speakers at this year’s ACPET-ACCI National Skills Summit.

The final program will be issued tomorrow but in the meantime we’ve re-jigged the ballroom set-up at the Realm Hotel to squeeze another 16 seats in – so if you want to be there – register now.

Student Identifiers Bill 2014 - the introduction of the USI

In other news last week, members should be aware that the Student Identifiers Bill 2014 has passed, allowing for the introduction of the Unique Student Identifier from 1 January 2015. The legislation is supported by ACPET as it will ensure students have ready access to a permanent record of their learning, governments can manage eligibility for government funded places, and we will all have a better understanding of how learners move through pathways within and across the VET sector.

The challenge, of course, will be in implementation. ACPET has been in discussion with the Department on a number of implementation issues and has a follow-up meeting this week. We expect detailed consultation with the sector will take place in the remaining six months and that the technical changes for student management software, associated with the introduction of the USI, will be accommodated in the next suite of changes to the AVETMIS Standard.

Finally, ACPET is pleased to see that the legislation allows the Minister (after consultation with the COAG Industry and Skills Council) to specify certain RTOs, courses and individuals to whom the legislation will not apply. While the balance between exemptions and full coverage requires some thought it is pleasing to see that some flexibility is available to the Minister in the legislation.

Claire Field
Chief Executive Officer


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