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Monday, June 16 2014

If you aren't already attending this month's National Skills Summit then click here to register. The Summit will be addressed by Industry Minister, Ian Macfarlane, in his first major address to the VET sector. We anticipate the Minister will use his address to outline a range of reforms to the VET sector - including in relation to regulation. Don't miss out, places are almost full.

If you'd like more opportunities to discuss and reflect on reforms to VET, higher education and international education - then book now for the 2014 ACPET National Conference. Early bird registration ends shortly and the program is coming together well for both the conference and our Asia-Pacific International Education Forum.  Click here for details and to register.

And while both of these critical events are open to anyone in the sector, one of the key 'value adds' ACPET offers to its members is providing them with accurate advice on what's actually happening in the sector and what's likely to unfold - helping members to stay ahead of the pack. If you have questions for me or want to hear how we think the upcoming reforms to VET, international and higher education will impact your business and how you can prepare - then click here to register for the free In Conversation with the CEO webinar next week. 

While Linked In and other forms of social media allow for sharing of information among people with similar interests - they can't ensure you get authoritative, factual information about what's happening in the sector. By contrast ACPET staff spend a significant period of time meeting with senior government officials and Ministerial advisers to shape policy and provide advice on the sector and where reforms are needed. That work we do for our members helps us to understand what's happening behind the scenes and determine where changes are likely to occur and why. So, by all means, ensure you remain connected to a range of information sources, but if you want the facts and you're a member then take the time to join our In Conversation sessions.

Claire Field
Chief Executive Officer



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