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Great news for VET and a tussle in higher education...

Monday, June 9 2014

As members will have seen from ACPET's comments on Friday on our social media platforms - we are as pleased as our RTO members with news that from 1 July ASQA will automatically update scope of registration for equivalent training package products and not charge fees for these administrative changes. Details have been sent by ASQA to all RTOs it registers. In case you missed it, the information is on the ASQA website

The Minister's media release announcing the changes makes his commitment to reducing red tape in the VET sector clear (click here for a copy), and we look forward to more details from him on his broader plans for VET and more appropriate regulation at the National Skills Summit on 25 June. Don't miss out on your place at the Summit, places are filling much faster than normal, secure your spot by registering now.

Thanks to those members who were in contact with us on Friday to thank us for our efforts in securing this small but critical step forward for VET regulation. Credit goes to the Minister and ASQA Commissioners but we have been vocal on this and a range of other issues on members' behalf, and will continue to do so.

Higher education

For those who heard Senator Carr in Senate Estimates on Thursday refer to 'bum crack college... registered on TEQSA' I have no doubt you were as disappointed as I was that the Opposition spokesperson for higher education would publicly denigrate Australia's strong and proud private higher education sector.

I appeared at the Senate Enquiry into the changes to the TEQSA Amendment Act on Friday, along with Adrian McComb from COPHE. I took the opportunity to put to Senator Carr my deep disappointment with his comments. For those who are interested - the video of the proceedings is available here and our appearance starts at 32.42

I remain optimistic that the legislation will pass and coming on the back of internal changes and reforms already being made by TEQSA, that improved and more proportionate regulation by TEQSA will become the reality for the sector.

Keeping in contact with us 

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Membership renewal

And don't forget to take advantage of the much easier online renewal process this year - contact our membership team on 1800 657 644 if you've misplaced the renewal details. And don't forget to also take advantage of the offers we're making to assist members to strengthen quality and prepare for further VET deregulation through our new Quality Support Team - details form part of this year's membership renewal.

Claire Field
Chief Executive Officer


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