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Monday, April 28 2014

For some years now ACPET has worked hard to ensure its members can legitimately be considered the quality end of the tertiary education system. It’s been hard work but well worth it and now we have a government committed to lessening the burden on high performing providers.

The challenge for so many providers is dealing with the complexity of the current regulatory arrangements and ensuring they have the expert staff to manage the endless changes in regulation.

That’s where ACPET is now preparing to step in and assist… with the introduction from 1 July 2014 of the ACPET Quality Support Team.

Comprising three levels of support – when you renew your membership this year – you’ll be asked to identify what, if any, support from our team that you need. Membership renewal will be done on-line this year and advice on the new (easier) process will be out to you shortly. In the meantime – to get you and you staff thinking through the support we can offer and what you might need here’s an overview of what will be on offer:

The ACPET Quality Support Team will offer three levels of support with members free to choose the level(s) that best meet their needs:

  1. Foundation
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Integrated/on-site

Level 1: Foundation (basic level of support) comprises two types of assistance:

A new ACPET Helpdesk

  • 2 hours of specialist helpdesk assistance free every year for all paying members


  • members can purchase additional hours of helpdesk assistance in parcels of 5 or 10 hours per year, and
  • one-off price ($800) to access all ACPET PD webinars

Level 2 Diagnostic (helping you identify and address issues) through ACPET’s healthchecks

  • Standard RTO healthcheck
  • CRICOS (healthcheck plus)
  • Becoming an RTO
  • IT systems/data reporting
  • Government-funded provider (in development)
  • Higher education (in development)

Level 3 Onsite ACPET Quality Support Team member

This level of support will see ACPET provide dedicated ‘on site’ support from an ACPET Quality Support Team member. Support will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Criteria to determine level of support will include:

  • provider size
  • complexity (eg CRICOS, dual sector, multi-campus)
  • staffing arrangements (do you have a compliance manager?)
  • existing level of compliance

For more details on this exciting new initiative click here to see the video on our website. We look forward to your feedback and to working more closely with you on your quality and compliance needs.

Claire Field
Chief Executive Officer


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