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Edition 550, 21 April 2014

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Need help tracking down the LLN resources you need?

Monday, April 21 2014

Are you, like many RTOs, missing out on accessing the many high-quality foundation skills resources available to you to address your students’ foundation skills requirements?

If you're not sure where to find them or if you're struggling to work out which material best suits your RTO's needs, then ACPET can help by bringing the foundation skills resources to you.

ACPET will pool its resources and access to foundation skills expertise to develop an easy-to-use e-book, the 'Foundation Skills Collection' e-book, which connects you with the resources and their alignment with the two national frameworks that describe foundation skills (the Australian Core Skills Framework and the Core Skills for Work Framework).

The ‘Foundation Skills Collection' is an e-library of hyperlinks that identifies existing free and commercial foundation skills resources, summarises each resource and connects you via the hyperlinks to where each resource is located.

It’s like a helping hand so you can focus your efforts on addressing your students and industry partners' foundation skills needs, whether your responsibilities involve management, training/assessment or compliance.

It will also help you to meet your RTO's legislated requirements around foundation skills.

The Foundation Skills Collection will be grouped according to the following themes:

  • Management (eg research papers, policy documents, guides on upskilling non-training RTO staff on LLN)
  • Training/Assessment (eg training resources based on industry areas or targetted foundation skills areas)
  • Compliance (eg pre-enrolment assessment tools, policies and procedures documents).

This is another Pozible project whereby each member involved contributes just $440 (ex. GST) and receives:

  • one secure link to the Foundation Skills Collection e-book that your whole RTO can use
  • 10% discount on the cost of the annual updated version of the e-book, and
  • 20% discount on one place at an ACPET webinar that provides guidance on
  1.  how to use the e-book effectively, and
  2. how to assess what foundation skills resources are appropriate to an RTO's requirements.

So don't delay, click here, to get involved and make sure you're ahead of the game when it comes to Foundation skills.



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