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Transition Management and Teach Out – a Step by Step Procedure for Good Practice

Monday, March 31 2014

Did you know that a startling 53% of RTOs were found non compliant in meeting Training Package requirements in 2012-13 ASQA audits?

If you think that keeping up to date with changes to units, qualifications and accredited courses on your RTO’s scope of registration is becoming a constant, then you’re right.

Gone are five-year Training Package reviews: Industry Skills Councils now do continuous improvement. So how does your RTO manage this continuous change and associated risk?

This webinar is a step-by-step guide to carefully managing transition and teach-out across your RTO. It will cover your marketing and operations, your RTO’s database, course materials, your students and your trainers and assessors.

For further information and to register for this webinar, please click here.


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