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Working Models of Industry Partnerships: beyond government funding

Monday, March 31 2014

How can I tap into fee-for-service training services to industry?

And what other sources of funding, other than skills reform government funding, are available to me?

This session will help you to think outside the ‘government funding square’., explore models of industry partnerships that will position your organisation, enhance your relationships and enable success.  Through this webinar, you will work through a system to identify partnership outcomes and aims, map advocates, clients and stakeholders and choose the right model and approach for you.

Working models will include apprenticeships and traineeships, fee for service, industry and workforce development, regional development, school based apprenticeships, short courses, small business and self-employment, social enterprises and VET in schools.

Consider operational issues for these models, your skills and capability in workforce development strategies and potential new RTO products and services, that will better position you in the VET market.


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