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RTO assessment: area of greatest non-compliance

Monday, March 31 2014

ASQA Chief Commissioner Chris Robinson highlighted the regulator's concerns with RTO assessment practices in a presentation to ACPET's Private Provder forum in Sydney last week.

In reviewing the outcomes of ASQA audits between July 2012 and December 2013, the Chief Commissioner said that only 23 per cent of RTOs were compliant with the requirements of SNR 15 at an initial audit (including re-registration, extension to scope or monitoring audits). While another 53 per cent of RTOs were able to provide sufficient evidence of compliance with SNR 15 during the rectification period, some 20 per cent of RTOs remain non-compliant with key requirements relating to training and assessment after this period. 

Of the five key aspects of SNR 15, RTOs have the most difficulty with Standard 15.5 in relation to the conduct of assessment, with only 27 per cent of RTOs being compliant at the initial audit (ie on first review). Initial compliance was around 50 per cent for 15.2, 15.3 and 15.4, with more than 80 per cent of providers beign able to show evidence of a continuous improvement approach to training and assessment (15.1).

Are you confident that you are delivering training and conducting assessment in line with the requirements of the SNR and AQTF? All RTOs need to understand the importance of SNR 15 in delivering the best outcomes for students and ensuring their job-readiness.

If you need to refresh your approach to assessment and target areas for improvement, ACPET offers a number of PD webinars on assessment that may assist you. See our PD calendar for details of upcoming workshops. For Sydney-based members we'd love to see you at our Assessment Summit on Tuesday 29 April.







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