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Edition 539, 3 February 2014

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RTO fee information and fee protection requirements

Monday, February 3 2014

As part of its 2013 Strategic Review of RTO's marketing and advertising practices, ASQA considered the adequacy of information provided to students prior to enrolment, including details of all fees, charges and refund policies. The strategic review also reported on RTO compliance with associated requirements to protect student fees collected in advance. The review found that:

'one-third of the RTOs (32.3%) examined have web sites that enable the collection of fees in advance,
including 22.1% having web sites that enable online payments through a ‘shopping cart or other
pre-payment portal’. Of these, a sample of 30 gateways were fully tested and half were found to allow
up-front fee collections in excess of the $1500 RTOs are able to collect in advance from students if
they are complying with the national standards, while 60% had no details of their refunds policy'.

How does your RTO ensure compliance with SNR 22/AQTF Condition 5?

If you are unclear about the requirements of this standard or any other aspect of your RTO's regulatory compliance, you should consider having an ACPET Health Check. For more details about health checks - and about ACPET's ASTAS as a fee protection option for ASQA-registered RTOs (Option 5) - contact your ACPET Executive Officer.



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