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Austrade report on the 2013 Futuralia – Education, Training and Employment held in Portugal

Tuesday, January 28 2014

Austrade has recently published a report on the 2013 Futuralia – Education, Training and Employment held in Portugal and organised in partnership with the Lisbon Municipality. This year it took place from the 13th to the 16th of March in Lisbon.

Futuralia, the largest and most visited education, training and employment fair in Portugal, showcases a wide range of national and international education opportunities to a large student market, covering study abroad options at both graduate and post-graduate levels. The fair is now well-established and is in its sixth year.

Major Portuguese public and private universities, VET institutions, education centres, language and business schools participated in the fair, along with a range of international providers. There were a total of 433 exhibitors and attracted 54,377 visitors which represents 1,377 more visitors than last year.

Sixty different activities were organized which ran parallel such as lectures, concerts and information sessions on education and training topics.

In this 6th edition of Futuralia, the fair attracted significant media attention – all the national television channels broadcasted the event as well as the main Portuguese newspapers, radios stations and online press.

7 Australian institutions participated in the Australia Future Unlimited stand covering all educational sectors. It was the first time Austrade had a presence in FUTURALIA with an Australia Future Unlimited stand and was visited by the Australian Ambassador to Portugal Ms. Anne Plunkett.
Portugal shows consistent moderate growth in student enrolments to Australia despite the current financial situation the country is going through with a conservative 8.47% increase in 2012 over 2011 figures.

2012 figures for ELICOS showed a 21.72% increase; VET increased by 27.31% and HE decreased slightly by 1.02%.

The above stats only reflect students on Student Visas. Portuguese students also travel on Tourist Visas in particular to study ELICOS courses which are often shorter than 3 months and therefore do not require a Student Visa.

As opposed to Spain, Portugal is mainly a Higher Education and VET market for Australia as Portuguese have much better English language skills than their Spanish neighbours largely due to more exposure to English at school and movies not being dubbed.

The 2014 Futuralia will be in Lisbon form 26-29 March. Should you be interested in participating in this event please contact Ms Janine Taylor of Austrade. Allternatively, for international education queries please contact Mr Alan Keith of ACPET or phone (02) 6281 7307. 


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