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ACPET Members Setting the Agenda in The New Year

Monday, January 7 2019

ACPET National Monday Update – 7 January 2019
Troy Williams, ACPET Chief Executive

The coming twelve months is shaping-up to be pivotal for independent providers in the Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors that the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) represents. The federal election, augmented with current sector-wide reviews, is sure to shape the future for funding and regulatory models.
It’s in this context that ACPET is embarking upon a number of important reforms that strengthen our member-centric culture. ACPET members are at the core of our decision-making processes, determining the project and policy priorities that we deliver. These are set out in the 2018-20 ACPET Strategic Plan and include:
Enhancing Recognition Of The Sector —
Developing and maintaining strategic partnerships and alliances that enhance the recognition and value of a high quality and diverse, independent tertiary education sector.
Utilising Policy & Research Capability —
Leading the analysis of policy and research to demonstrate the capacity and performance of the sector and the opportunities offered by independent providers of tertiary education.
Strengthening The Reputation Of The Sector —
Effectively implementing business certification programs and the practitioner registration to position ACPET membership as a badge of ethical, high quality, student-centred education and training.
To achieve this, the 2018-20 Strategic Plan outlines supplementary priorities including the expansion of ACPET’s revenue base by developing and delivering valued services that build member capability. This will allow us to respond to the business needs of the sector in collaboration with business partners.
At the ACPET Board meeting later this month, a new ACPET Member Engagement Strategy will be considered that provides new and enhanced pathways for our member businesses to be proactive in shaping the environment in which independent providers in the Higher Education and VET sectors operate. The ACPET Member Engagement Strategy will deliver new opportunities for employees of member businesses to join a growing community of individuals committed to making a difference.
ACPET members set our strategy, define our priorities, fund our activities and directly benefit from the results. It’s a great time to get involved.
Troy R Williams MAICD FIML
ACPET Chief Executive Officer
Twitter: @TroyWilliamsAus


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