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Fair Work Ombudsman Information Package excellent resource for International Students

Monday, July 23 2018

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has produced an Information Package for International Students to raise awareness of their rights and responsibilities and to assist them in avoiding exploitation in the workplace.

You may already have seen Parts 1-4 of the package (see )
Now Part 5 has been released with information about workplace rights, such as the new pay rates, and how the FWO can assist international students, stakeholders and employer to ensure workplace compliance.

In particular, this package consists of:

1. Important information about the new pay rates in effect from 01 July 2018 
2. Stephanie’s Story – a case study based on a true story of how knowledge of workplace rights helped an international student get her back pay 
3. An outline of the community presentation package and what the FWO is offering to facilitate its delivery 
4. Information about the FWO’s Small Business Showcase - Resources to help small business owners find their way in the workplace

You are encouraged to distribute this information to your students.


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