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Understanding today. Shaping tomorrow

Monday, July 23 2018

This time last year we took the opportunity to reflect on the 25 years of ACPET’s existence and all that we, as an industry, had achieved. 

This year, we are looking ahead. 

The ACPET 2018 Conference ‘Understanding today. Shaping tomorrow’ is essentially a product that you, our members, have designed and we are thrilled to offer this program to meet this expectation.

The information take-away that delegates will garner from this event will provide them with the basis to be successful ‘today’ and arm them with the knowledge to thrive in the future. 

Just as importantly, you will have a very direct voice in the future structure of your Council.

This future focussed sentiment is evident in the collective of speakers that have been engaged for the occasion.

I want to familiarise you all with a man by the name of Martin Brooker.

Embarking on a career as a Naval Officer at the age of 15, leadership has been part of Martin Brooker’s DNA for over 40 years. Martin draws on his lived experiences, the mistakes, the critical lessons, and the successes to convey a powerful message about challenging yourself, leadership and courage. 
Martin is passionate about people leading people and helping people transition from being the competent professional to the authentic leader and he is just one of the many high-level, thought provoking speakers that will be joining us at this year’s conference. Some will analgise that our sector is under fire. Martin’s been, and what’s more led and succeeded, in that literal environment. He will share some great lessons for us all to learn from. I recommend you take a look at the program.

As is the case each year, the Asia Pacific International Education Forum (APIEF) will be a precursor event to the conference. This is always an enriching day, focused on analysing the unique circumstances associated with delivering tertiary education both domestically to international students, but also in foreign locations. Bhutan’s Choitsho Eudel Dorji is this year’s keynote international speaker and she’s going to be talking to us about ‘The contribution of international education to a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world’. Who knew world peace was in our hands? A presentation I’m looking forward to.
I look forward to seeing you in Canberra.

I also wanted to let you know, that as I mentioned last week, I will be hosting a webinar with Mark Patterson, ASQA Chief Commissioner. It will be a fantastic opportunity to hear direct from Mark about the regulation and its results. If you would like to join us, please do so.
On a final note, you may have seen that this week ACPET launched the VET Practitioner Register, an exciting proposition for ACPET and our members.
Practitioners will undergo a rigorous process including submitting their qualifications, experience, samples of work, and a statement of their approach to teaching and learning, as well as demonstrating that they’re up to date with industry and current VET practices.

ACPET members will be able to check when recruiting, that potential new staff are quality registered trainers on the register.

More information here.

Rod Camm
Chief Executive Officer


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