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Monday, June 18 2018

Michael Hall

Northern Territory Executive Officer


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Developing Northern Australia Conference in Alice Springs - today and tomorrow

With the theme of Growth, Progress and Investment the Developing Northern Australia Conference is currently underway.

One of the key note speakers is CDUs Prof Simon Maddocks who is discussing the Steamy North: Investing in Knowledge, Skill and Innovation. This is one of the few presentations that is focussed on education and skills acquisition - a pivotal priority needed in the North to grow our potential and wealth, as well as growing this region as a destination of choice for international students.

The main thrust of the two days is focussed on resources, investment, and tourism, attracting businesses, innovation, aboriginal issues, the NDIS, health and exporting opportunities It is a given that none of the above can occur without a commitment to education and training and it would be good to see a drop in the top end of a  reliance on international Temporary Skills Shortage visas and the fly in, fly out employment that benefits the airlines and few others.

And then we have the  disadvantage to locals with punitive airfares. Dear QANTAS,  why is Darwin to Alice $800 return yet you can offer Adelaide to Singapore for $600 return…but I do digress.

I have had some exciting converations recently with training organsiations and others re the new mines opening up in the NT and also the economic benefits - hopefully- of fracking opportunites.  

Next week’s Monday Update will include a snapshot of the conference proceedings. 

International VET enrolments on a roll in the NT

The March 2018 AEI International Student stats, kindly summarised by TAFE Queensland, provides an interesting snapshot of the international student market in Australia.

In the NT, while international enrolments in higher education and schooling remain steady, ELICOS (English language) has seen a 15% slump over the past 12 months. VET enrolments are pleasingly on the increase – by some 14%. Of note is where this increase is occurring. While there has been a 27% drop in enrolments at CDU, the private sector has witnessed an amazing 44% increase in the same period. 

These quarterly reports provide an informative analysis of where the key markets are for the various jurisdictions – regretfully and most likely due to our small market share there is no dissection of the countries with students interested in the NT, it’s a safe bet the majority are from our near neighbours to the north more so than the sub-continent or South America. 

If you wish to receive a set of these four reports please email

Interested in going International in a consortia of like minded organisations? 

Staying on matter international, well done to the Study NT, member Sue Freeman of First Impressions Resources, EY and Phil Honeywood of IEAA for a most informative session last week on delving into international consortia and advice most pertinent on "know when to hold ém, know when to fold 'em" when it comes to partnerships offshore.

Tabled resources included the EY Consortia opportunities and pathways for Australuian SMEs deliverying education and training services, and the AEI 2025 Toolkit for using consortia.  

Designing strategies for transformational learning and Education Strategy Design.  A two day VET Masterclass- August 1st and 2nd

Registration is open for this intensive and engaging workshop that will offer participants with a greater understanding of the components for designing transformational VET programs and a framework on knowledge, skills and attitudes, new forms of success criteria and measurement, student’s capacity and competency measurement.

Take aways will include an exercise booklet which contains information and exercises from the workshop and support notes as well as a Toolbox of all the methodologies outlined during the workshop.

Want to know more about Kaospilot?  for more information on the benefits of this program please contact Judith Mckay, Industry Skills Advisory Council NT, on 08 79137500 or

This opportunity is limited to 24 candidates with your investment for the two days including a celebratory evening dinner is $120 for ACPET members and $150 for others. To register just go to:

Any problems registering please email

International Training and Assessment certificate – I can’t believe it’s not TAE!

The Australian Government in consultation with the National Skills Development Corporation has developed a set of courses to support the global demand for trainers and assessors. Training providers will have flexibility to deliver courses off shore through a range of delivery methods including face to face and online delivery.

Providers with an interest in taking their offering offshore can provide these with learners who complete of the courses receiving a Certificate carrying the Australia Unlimited and NSDC brands.

One could argue that this abridged package could be used domestically and provide for new entry trainers in Australia to utilise their industry knowledge and transition to the VET sector.

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