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Monday, May 21 2018

Make it Cheaper 

Did you know that some energy retailers can switch you to a higher rate or lower discount when your contract expires? It happens. Make It Cheaper want to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.
That’s why ACPET partnered with Make it Cheaper – to help members save money on electricity.
In the first month of partnership, Make it Cheaper has saved ACPET members over $50,000 on energy costs1. One member jumped on board and managed to save $7,250 per annum for their business.
In fact 92% of members that have taken advantage of the Make it Cheaper service have found themselves a saving2, with average business savings of $1,000 per annum. 
The service is completely free. To see what you could save, call Make it Cheaper directly on the ACPET Members Hotline: 02 8077 8077 0121 or visit the website to upload a copy of your bill for a free comparison: CLICK HERE


vetr understands the struggle in accessing high quality templates, resources, information and advice in the VET sector. The rapid pace of change in the sector compounds this challenge with the seemingly endless need to be updating documentation or resources to stay ahead of the curve.
vetr provides the solution for innovative enterprises in providing ready access to templates and resources, and facilitates contact with a pool of qualified, experienced and 'ready to work' resource developers and VET professionals.
• 100’s of RTOs across Australia use vetr templates to support operational and compliance needs – and save time!
ACPET members get a 10% discount off the full range of templates and resources vetr has to offer by using the ACPET member code at the online checkout.

See or email direct at
Access your 10% discount by using the ACPET member code at the online checkout. Member code:  ACPET10


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