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Job report identifies opportunities for Australians

Monday, May 7 2018

Australian Jobs is an easy to follow guide to the Australian labour market. It includes information about industries and occupations as well as states, territories and regions. The publication highlights trends in the Australian labour market and provides guidance about job search and the skills employers value.

The report identifies four key trends:

  • Labour market conditions are strong — employment is up by a record 403,300 over the year to January 2018. This 3.3 percent growth was more than double the decade annual average (1.6 per cent). More people are in jobs than ever before.
  • Young people are benefiting from the strong labour market conditions — industries with a large number of young workers include Retail Trade (around 386,000), Accommodation and Food Services (385,000) and Construction (175,000). These are great industries for young people to develop important experience and skills, kick-starting their careers.
  • Australia’s industry structure is changing — today, more than three in every four Australian workers are employed in a service industry, with much of the growth driven by Health Care and Social Assistance. This reflects our aging population and the introduction of the NDIS.
  • There are now more jobs for higher skilled workers — the majority of growth over the past five years has been in occupations that require post-school qualifications, and this is likely to continue. This complements the trend of more young people undertaking tertiary study, leading to higher paying jobs.

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