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ACPET calls for Expressions of Interest from VET experts to join Review Panel

Monday, April 30 2018

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) is calling for expressions of interest from VET experts with significant experience in the VET sector at senior levels, to join a newly forming Expert Review Panel.

Experts on the panel will be called upon to conduct a professional assessment of applications received from VET Practitioners to join ACPET’s VET Practitioner Register, which will be launched shortly.

The purpose of the VET Practitioner Register is to:

  • raise the quality of VET practitioners;
  • provide ACPET members with a trusted foundation for validating a candidate’s claim when seeking employment; and to
  • complement ACPET’s role in raising the quality bar in VET.

The benefits for VET practitioners on the Register are to:

  • gain public recognition for their capabilities and experience;
  • acknowledge their identity as VET practitioners and obtain work and career advancement;
  • gain opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas with other VET practitioners through ACPET PD, VET Forums and networking events.

The role of VET Experts appointed to the panel will be to independently assess applications and recommend to ACPET whether or not a practitioner should be accepted to the register as a quality Trainer/Assessor. The recommendations would include transparent reasons and suggestions for what the practitioners could do to improve their chances of acceptance on the register in future if not accepted.

It is anticipated that VET experts will have experience either as an RTO Director, Training Manager or expert consultant in the VET sector with hands-on experience as VET practitioners. Experts will have an up to date knowledge of VET regulatory compliance, the structure and application of Training Packages, licensing and other requirements, as well as up to date knowledge and experience of contemporary approaches to professional VET practice and pedagogy.

Experts who are appointed to the Review Panel will be rewarded in-kind with benefits such as free access to webinars, the ACPET conference, an ACPET VET forum each year, an ACPET Certificate of Recognition, and an ACPET email/business card signature block with logo: Member of the ACPET VET Practitioner Register Expert Panel.

Membership of the Expert Review Panel does not preclude you from working full-time with any employer or in your own business, providing there is no conflict of interest.

Expressions of Interest should comprise a brief resume summarising relevant qualifications, background and experience, including two referees, sent by email to: by no later than 14 May 2018.
Enquiries may be directed to Dr Joy de Leo M 0400 097 332.


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