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NT Update

Monday, March 19 2018

Greetings from Darwin after a most breezy weekend with Cyclone Marcus turning the city green as thousands of trees were stripped bare..indeed quite picturesque to have so much greenery flying around for St Patrick's Day.  Thoughts now are with our southern cousins as again bushfires wreck havoc.  

On the work front, 'tis pleasing to notice the ongoing efforts in growing the NTs capacity in respect of international student numbers (they are the ones that come here) and transnational provision (that’s when we take our skills and knowledge off shore).  

Last week we witnessed the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and our Prime Minister sign a new strategic partnership aimed at deepening education, defence, security, trade, investment and tourism links. This week it is of note that a number of ACPET members will be engaged with the inaugural ASEAN Australia Dialogue as it shifts from Sydney to Penang, Malaysia.

ASEAN, the Association of South East Asian Nations has 10 member States (Australia is not a member but a dialogue partner) and a combined population of over 630 million. ASEAN is the world’s 5th largest economy and is predicted to be the 4th largest by 2050.

ASEAN is a key education partner with Australia for education and skills training co-operation and is a region of choice for Australian student mobility programs and transnational education co-operation. In 2015, ASEAN launched the ASEAN Economic targeting the harmonisation of qualifications, common training frameworks, and freer movement of people across ASEAN borders for work and education.

Australia is a valued ASEAN +6 partner country alongside Japan, China, India, New Zealand and South Korea. The ASEAN Australia Education Dialogue being held in Malaysia this week aims to strengthen current links and relations between Australia and ASEAN.  A number of ACPET members are involved and Academies Australia and Navitas are also session sponsors.

The dialogue will focus on the key sectors of Schools, English Language, VET, Digital Education and Higher Education. The AAED is being convened in Penang Malaysia immediately after the ASEAN Australia Leaders’ Summit, which was held last week and hosted by the Prime Minister and was attended by all ASEAN Heads of State.

Delegates will have an opportunity to influence future ASEAN Australia regional and global education engagement, develop action plans for future regional and global engagement in education and prepare the groundwork to host future ASEAN Australian Education Dialogues on Australian campuses in South East Asia.

The dialogue aligns to key themes in the Australian National Strategy for International Education 2025, in particular those relating to the goals of Providing Effective Quality Assurance and Regulation, Strengthening Partnerships Abroad, Enhancing Mobility and Building Lasting Connections with Alumni.

Feedback from those members attending would be appreciated to inform future directions for interested providers in the NT.

On matters of dialogue, ACPET is eager to hear from providers and perhaps your industry partners on  matters on doing business in the NT. Rather than a structured event, you are invited to attend Prattling at the Pub – a free wine and cheese gathering to discuss and unload for an hour or so from 4.30pm on the Rooftop of the Frontier Hotel on Thursday 5 April. Interested ?  just email

And congratulations to Archie Wright who is vacating NT ISAC to take up the helm (hammer?) at the Housing Institute of Australia (NT). Members would also recall Archie from his days heading up the Major Industries TAC.

Michael Hall 
NT Executive Officer 


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