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Admissions Transparency - Quick reference guides

Monday, February 26 2018

As you may be aware, a joint higher education sector and Australian Government effort has been underway over the last year, to improve access to clear, comparable information about higher course entry requirements and application processes. The aim is to better inform the choices of prospective higher education applicants.

The Admissions Transparency Implementation Working Group (IWG) has released two new quick reference documents on the changes that prospective higher education students will see over the next year. The changes will affect admissions information aimed at applicants to study higher education in 2019 and beyond. The two documents are intended for different audiences:

These quick reference documents briefly outline the key changes that prospective applicants will see later in 2018 when seeking out information about higher education courses, their entry requirements and the application options and pathways available, whether through tertiary admission centres or by direct application to institutions.

The changes will affect how higher education providers and tertiary admission centres present information about courses and application processes, in order to maximise its usefulness to users when weighing up and comparing study options and application pathways. There is no change to application processes themselves or where to seek out information. Further information on the changes and how they will impact applicants will be released later in 2018.


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