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Fact sheet on new Standard 7 Process

Monday, February 12 2018

From 1 January 2018 PRISMS was changed so that all students wishing to enrol at another provider whilst within their restriction period now require a release in PRISMS from each Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) within their visa pathway. This was implemented based on feedback from the sector on student transfers.

Prior to 2018, Standard 7 warnings were not being displayed in PRISMS for students who had their principal course terminated due to a student course variation for: non-commencement, transfer to another provider, or the student notifying of cessation of studies. In the data conversion on 1 January 2018, these student’s CoEs had a ‘system release’ recorded in PRISMS. This reflected how Standard 7 warnings were working prior to 2018, rather than the fact a release had been recorded. Once identified, these ‘system releases’ were reversed. A small group of 4,175 (0.7% of the total number of students active at 1 January 2018) have been left as ‘released’ because they are currently studying outside of their visa pathway and it would apparently disadvantage those students to reverse the release status. Going forward, enrolments terminated for these reasons will trigger a Standard 7 warning in PRISMS.

This provision only applies to this transitional group of students whose enrolments were terminated in limited scenarios prior to 2018.
Please contact the PRISMS Help Desk with enquiries on this issue since it may have caused some confusion.

Please note that releasing providers now need to take action in PRISMS to release students, and that internal complaints processes must be available to students.
More information on the PRISMS release process can be found here.
A Fact sheet on Standard 7 can be found here .

If you have concerns about the new Standard 7 process please email Joy de Leo with your feedback so this can be conveyed to the Department for future improvements to the process.


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