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Monday, February 12 2018

We are all aware that the VET sector took a significant beating over the past three years and this created a negative impact on the sector.  Whilst we are aware of the contributing factors, it is timely for us to take the lead and show the public that the private VET sector is vital to the Australian economy and that we are good at what we do. I would like to start with improving completion rates.

In Australia, there is a shift towards lifelong learning and an emphasis on individuals developing the necessary skills for good career management. One of the key means of achieving this vision is providing individuals with access to objective career development information, advice and related services.  This should ensure that individuals are able to make the best training and career decisions possible for them.

Enrolling a student should not be about making the sale, but rather it is about providing the individual with quality advice that meets their unique needs.   We need to become collaborative in our approach in the best interests of the students. 

So how do we do this?
One of the most significant factors is ensuring the individual is enrolling in a course that they are interested in, and motivated to complete.  Of course, it is a given that all training organisations require students to remain in business, however if we take a step back and examine the enrolment processes, we should find our completion rates on the rise very quickly.   Education is not about convincing the individual that the course they are enquiring about is the best for them, but rather it is about taking the time to understand how individual characteristics such as interests, skills, values, beliefs and attitudes contribute to achieving personal, social and educational goals

What are your short and long-term goals?

What are your personal skills, abilities and interests?

What are you aspiring to achieve?

Why do you want to enrol in this course?

What are your values…. Do they align with the industry you are planning on training in?

It is only when we really attempt to understand our prospective student’s person, that we can objectively recommend a training course for them.   We should never be afraid to refer them on to another provider if you don’t provide a course suitable for them, because this is what will make you stand out in the crowd.  Believe me that prospective student will thank you, talk about how you helped them and it will come back to you ten-fold.

Motivation to learn is not a “given”. People engage in learning when they have a sense of why they are learning, an interest in what they are learning and a sense of hope that the training will help them achieve a successful outcome.

Sally Healey
Career Development Centre Pty Ltd


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