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Kaospilot Masterclass Australia '18

Monday, January 29 2018

The KAOSPILOT, the alternative business, design & leadership school in Denmark, in collaboration with HUDDLE, COLLEGE OF EVENT MANAGEMENT & the SYDNEY DESIGN SCHOOL will run, for the 1st time in the Australia, in Melbourne & sydney, it's highly acclaimed 3 day masterclass to enable educators to explore experiential ways of learning in order to inspire and facilitate creativity, engagement, innovation & risk in learning spaces & education.

These 2 masterclass are being run as part of the 'KAOSPILOT ROAD SHOW' that will take place between the 9th & 22nd April. So, in addition to these 2 masterclasses, Simon Kavanagh (director of KPEDA) & Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, (KP CEO) will also host some open talks for locals_ students, leaders & entrepreneurs covering various emerging topics from the KP leadership school & consultancy to business innovation & municipality 3.0.

Dates & times for these sessions are not available yet, but will come soon, so feel free to send me your mail and I will let you know or even better just sign up for the masterclasses, theres only 24 places in each.

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