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National Student Outcomes Survey – Individual provider reports

Monday, September 25 2017

NCVER will release the results of the 2017 National Student Outcomes Survey (SOS) in late 2017. The annual survey provides information on VET students’ employment outcomes, training satisfaction, and the benefits and relevance of training. The 2017 survey covers students who were awarded a qualification in 2016 (graduates), or who successfully completed part of a course in 2016 and then left the VET system (subject completers).

In 2017, the survey was expanded, with almost half a million students contacted. The expansion covered two new initiatives:

  • Following a successful trial in 2016 to expand the survey to all graduates (that is, those in receipt of Commonwealth or state funding and those who paid for their training), the expanded scope was applied to the 2017 survey for graduates and, for the first time, subject completers. Previously, the survey covered students who completed government-funded training only.
  • This year NCVER will provide all RTOs with 260 or domestic more graduates in 2016 with a report summarising their graduates’ survey responses, alongside national comparisons. In the coming weeks, NCVER will be contacting these RTOs to obtain a contact to receive the report in December 2017. Please contact NCVER (via if you think your RTO may be eligible to receive a graduate outcomes report (i.e. had 260 or more graduates in 2016) and to provide a point of contact for your RTO.


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