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It seemed so far away!

Monday, August 14 2017

Well suddenly our National conference and 25-year anniversary is only 9 days away.

A busy week ahead.

This year’s conference is certainly about celebrating ACPET’s 25 years. It is worth having a look at the conference website and scroll through the names and photos of our past Chairs and CEOs. That certainly brings back some memories and reflections on the many difficult issues, tribulations and successes of ACPET over the last 25 years.

I am certainly looking forward to catching up with these industry ‘legends’ at the conference.

In terms of topics, perhaps a last plug to recommend that you register and attend.

The agenda has been designed to ensure we consider, debate and perhaps even solve some of the real policy dilemmas.

In our international stream, the well recognised APIEF, we again have record numbers of registrations this year. This will be supplemented by 25 attendees from Taiwan, China, India, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Indonesia and Mexico.

You of course can still get involved and be part of the debate to decide the most important issues for international education. You will have the chance to get involved and learn of future policy directions from key government speakers and most importantly have your say on improving the value of VET globally – this is very important to the future of our industry.

Of course, the focus of the conference is on the real issues impacting all of us.

For our Higher Education attendees, there are some extras. To keep it all relevant, the conference is hosting an Admissions transparency workshop to highlight the key changes that higher education providers will need to make in 2017 and 2018 to implement the admissions transparency implementation plan. The plan of course was developed by a higher education sector-led working group and the Australian Government and released in July 2017.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the operational challenges and opportunities in the transition to greater transparency of admissions information – both during the transition period of 2017/18 and beyond.

Get involved and get ahead of the game!

The workshop features presenters from the Department of Education and Training and the
Chief Commissioner, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

I have lamented in this column many times about the damage that has been dome to the ‘brand’ of education. Well on Friday morning of the Conference come along and hear from Jack Perlinski, a branding expert and also one of our opening conference keynote presenters, in a dynamic workshop on personal branding.

When it comes to personal branding it is not about the theory it is about the practice (yes student experience is everything).  Jack will share his knowledge on personal branding and show you how to link your organisational brand to your personal brand.

His session will also share inspiring case studies that illustrate best practice examples and show you how a personal brand strategy can build a competitive advantage that is also valued on the P&L.

We will be focussing this session on unlocking the innovation inside you as a personal brand, tangible actions to build a personal brand strategy and how to design, implement and monitor your progress.

The conference then will continue on the road of policy reform.  Topics of course include the issues impacting on Tertiary Education, industry’s role, consumer perspectives and the shifting focus of regulators in the midst of the challenges. The regulatory panel session including the Chief Commissioners of both ASQA and TEQSA together with a provider’s perspective is not to be missed.

A star of last year’s program, Dr Ian Harper will help us all understand the importance of contestability and how it should be done to improve outcomes. I again look forward to this session.

My final comment relates to what I know will be a confronting and relevant session. All of us start each day by reviewing Stephen Matchett’s Campus Morning Mail. Stephen is a former leading writer for The Australian where he also wrote and edited higher education. He hits the facts hard in his very own style and I think it is fair to say there will be nothing held back in his session on ‘Now for the hard part: how private providers can earn respect, deliver for students and make money when university and TAFE are the believed-in brands’

This session will ensure attendees are confronted with very real issues.

Please get involved and make sure you say hello at the conference – I look forward to meeting you.

For the full prgram and registration details, click here.

Rod Camm
Chief Executive Officer


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