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Transnational training opportunity - India

Monday, August 7 2017

India – Transnational skilling opportunity in association with the Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) -

As you would aware, India has an increasing and huge demand for skills all levels.

Kerala is on the southern/western side of India and is considered a relatively affluent province with a high level of English spoken and have announced the construction of some 25 Training Centres of Excellence (CoE) as a Public-Private initiative.

In the first instance, Australia providers (and you don’t need to be CRICOS registered) have been offered access with the skills provided being be at the discretion of the to-be-created consortia with ideally a mix of VET and/or HE offerings including aged care, IT, business, construction and other trades, electrical, automotive, beauty and wellness.

A number of NT RTOs have already expressed interest.

The NT Government has indicated that financial support of certain, associated costs may be provided to interested NT RTOs who avail of this opportunity.

For further information please contact Ms Rachael Shanahan, Director StudyNT  t: (08) 8999 6399 e: 

Below - StudyNT and NT RTOs meet to hear of Kerala transnational opportunities last week   (fyi -  incoming students = international students while transnational students are those taught by Aussie providers/products in their home country)


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