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Have your say on a new brand for ACPET

Monday, July 10 2017

In the past couple of years the ACPET brand has taken a pretty rough battering. Bad news stories have clearly outweighed the good. Regardless of how much effort we put into changing the balance, something untoward happens such as the demise of a major training provider, once again pushing us onto the back foot.

The ACPET Board believes we need to significantly transform the council’s brand and its position in the market so that when we speak out against the small number of rogue operators who are damaging the reputation of the industry, we are heard; and when we argue against bad policy, the media and key stakeholders take notice.

The Board’s decision has been taken mindful of the results of the 2016 Member Survey which clearly stated that:

“ACPET needs to recreate a brand for private education. Private providers have to work together under an ACPET brand or build a new brand.”

As a direct result, the Board has engaged Brand Genetics, a highly credentialed brand strategy group to significantly transform ACPET’s brand and its position, to ensure that the council is ‘recognised for its leadership of private tertiary education and training in Australia.’

We need your help!

The Board requires the new strategy to be presented at the AGM on the 24th of August. To meet that deadline we need input from you, our members, by completing an online survey (link). The survey will take less than 10 minutes of your time but will help us determine the kind of leadership our members expect from ACPET. The survey can be found here. Please make sure you complete the survey before the deadline of the 17th of July so that your voice is heard loud and clear.


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