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Learn from the experts this July!

Monday, June 26 2017

Are you looking for ways to improve your skills and knowledge but feel like you just don’t have enough time?

Over the next few months ACPET's new PD Calendar has webinars that will have you upskilling and broadening your knowledge in under an hour.  We’ve taken the time so you don’t have to, researching industry-leading methods and standards across the country, and now we want to share this information with you. 

Take a look at the following professional development webinars that are running over the next month and book your place now!

Download PD calendar for July to November 2017

Webinar Library

We have a huge variety of webinar recordings that is a veritable gold mine of information on all aspects of education and training. The webinar recordings are suitable for a range of staff from academics, trainers, compliance mangers, online educators, international staff, English Language teachers, administration, HR staff and many more.

Download your copy today!

Communities of Practice

We invite you to join our Community of Practice forums via our LinkedIn profile.  Access to these forums is free, and provides a terrific opportunity to meet and interact with other educational professionals.

To participate in one or more of the forums use the links above and send your request to join the forums via your LinkedIn profile. We also offer free Professional Development resources on our website, with topics that are useful to all trainers and assessors in the VET environment.

Give us a call on 03 9412 5900 or send an email to for access to our webinar library and any pre-recorded webinars. If you have any queries or suggestions that could help tailor to your needs, please contact the ACPET PD Team, as we are always happy to help

Yours sincerely,



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