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VET Funding Model Review Workshop

Monday, December 19 2016

ACPET WA held a briefing meeting and workshop last Friday, for members contracted by the Department of Training and Workforce Development to discuss key issues arising out of the WA VET funding model review project, and data currently being sought by consulting firm Miles Morgan Australia to inform the review.

The ACPET WA State Committee believes it is important that providers give serious consideration to the funding model review, and facilitated the workshop to provide information and support for members - including in relation to the online survey tool which seeks detailed information on the costs of delivering training, the income derived by private providers, regional variances and some qualitative questions on costs and profit margins.  The survey responses will be analysed and tested in a series of one-on-one sessions with a small group of private providers and during two workshop sessions with other providers early in 2017.

Kevin Coombes, DTWD Director Training Resource Allocation, and Miles Morgan representatives Rob Allen and Naysa Brasil Teodoro were on hand to brief members and respond to questions.  ACPET appreciates their time and participation and the open dialogue which enabled feedback on a range of issues.  These included the challenges of capturing the complexity of diverse delivery models, staffing arrangements, the significant compliance overlays for contracted, multi-jurisdictional and multi-sector providers, the increasing demand for student support and counselling services, the flow-on costs of the DTWD fees and charges policy, a range of additional cost factors not specified in the matrix, and the aggregation of all of the above to arrive a complete picture of the cost drivers for private sector providers. These were among the challenges identified during productive workshop discussions.

ACPET understands that data collection and analysis will be followed by further stakeholder consultations in 2017 and considers this next stage will be critical to ensuring a full and accurate account is captured by the consultants in their report to the DTWD.  ACPET will be seeking to engage through the process and notes the emphasis which the DTWD has placed on the important role of private providers in meeting the demand for quality and diversity in VET.  Members noted that students and employers are important stakeholders in this process.

The new funding model will apply from 2018.  ACPET will keep you informed!

Welcome to workshop by Gary Collins

Kevin Coombes (DTWD) addressing the workshop


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