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Good News Story - Australian Institute of Fitness

Monday, December 12 2016

ACPET WA is pleased to showcase the first in a series of student good news stories from WA members.  




Please meet Jayde Taylor, currently enrolled in a Master Trainer Program™ at the Australian Institute of Fitness

Jayde retired from professional hockey in 2015 after an illustrious career. But giving away all the rigours of being a professional athlete hasn’t been easy. Jayde has gone from running 50km a week whilst training full time, to settling down into the workforce.

Being such a big part of her life, Jayde wanted to continue in the sports industry. Through the recommendation of a friend she got in touch with the Australian Institute of Fitness to embark on the Master Trainer Program™ and is studying to become a personal trainer. 

Jayde hopes to bring her skills and experience on the hockey field to a new career as a qualified personal trainer. Through hockey Jayde has learnt team work, leadership and how to get the most out of people. Reflecting on her career, Jayde credits determination and persistence for seeing her through. Four days before making the national team at the age of 25 she thought of giving it away.

“I had come to the realisation that I wasn’t going to be selected and I was looking forward to the next stage of my life.”

It was then that the call came out of the blue for a national selection. Jayde went on to compete as an Olympian in London 2012 and be a two time Commonwealth games gold medalist. Good preparation and a strong mental state was all that was needed for the turnaround in her career.

“I stopped worrying about what I couldn't control, and focused on what I could.”

Jayde hopes to bring her expertise and knowledge of sport and fitness to the next generation with her new venture as a Master Trainer.



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