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ACPET One day Workshop and Christmas Party Friday 2 December Darwin Hilton

Monday, November 21 2016

ACPET is pleased to host a one day workshop focussing on:

Session 1. 4 hours – 9am – 1pm
International Education, including

  • Introduction to International Education
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Readiness for international business

Learn the fundamentals of international education in Australia by looking at trends, data and engagement models. You’ll discover how FTAs are relevant to education and training providers and what the benefits and opportunities are. This workshop will help you develop a deeper understanding of the international student environment and gauge how ready you are to take your next steps.

The workshop builds from the basics up to more advanced ideas to help grow your export readiness.

This activity received funding from Austrade as part of the Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grant Program. The full price of this activity is $370 per attendee. The subsidy provided by Austrade has allowed the cost to be reduced to $140 per member and $180 per non-member.

Session 2. One Hour 2.30 – 3.30pm
Interpreting student data – a practical case study from NT Police, Fire and Rescue

This session will focus on different data collection methods and mediums and how best to use feedback to improve services.  Contextualised examples will be provided outlining data collection across the Territory in rural, regional and urban contexts with employees, volunteers and external participants, and how these factors will A) provide different levels of feedback, and B) how different collection methods and mediums can enhance the feedback given.  There will also be an analysis of feedback (quantitative and qualitative and how the two types can be used together to give a better overall picture of performance).

Session 3. 45 minutes 3.30 – 4.15pm Emerging NT skills priorities – trends and opportunities

An overview of emerging skill and training needs for Territory industry and skills and support available for local RTOs to forge productive partnerships with industry

ACPET Christmas and End of Year Celebration – 4.15 – 6.00pm
For all delegates and members - Darwin Hilton Ballroom Foyer 

To register please see here


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