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New NT Ministry and public service structures

Monday, September 12 2016

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has announced changes that will deliver $15 million in savings from 2017-18 largely through a reduction in the number of Chief Executives, senior executives and duplication between agencies.

Major agencies and Departments will reduce from 23 to 15. Smaller agencies, commissions and government owned corporations will remain in place.

Departments and agencies will be grouped into four clusters that reflect the priorities of the government. They are:
1.    Chief Minster and Central Agencies
2.    Children and Families
3.    Development
4.    Tourism, Environment & Culture

These clusters will bring together aligned agencies to better coordinate policy and service delivery. This is particularly important for economic development, Aboriginal affairs and youth and early childhood.

Eva Lawler is to be sworn as the new Minsietr for Education while tghe Chief Minister will oversee training. The process of the restructure is underway.

The new Territory Families agency will be headed by former Education Chief Executive, Ken Davies, one of the most experienced and respected Chief Executives in the Territory. 

Click here to read more information about the key agency changes.


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