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ACPET 2016 National Conference and APIEF

The Australian Council for Private Education Training (ACPET) rallied over 300 industry stakeholders to their annual conference at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart on 25-26 August, 2016. Attendees included representatives of both private and public tertiary education, government, industry service providers and ACPET Board and Committee members who contributed to debate and discussion about the future of the tertiary education sector in Australia.
Across two days, delegates were engaged by a range of speakers and workshops including dynamic panel sessions tackling the key issues facing Australian and International Tertiary Education.

ACPET is proud to release a communique from the Conference which identifies the following key priorities and issues:

Reformed policy structures

  • Current structures, methods of allocating funds and policy habit to “pick winners” are becoming irrelevant yet are increasingly prevalent in government.
  • Australia’s tertiary education policy must move beyond the current public/private discourse and recognise similar, shared objectives. Playing one part of the sector off against the other does no favours to our students, our economy or our future.
  • Australia must overhaul funding and governance structures for a more seamless, more integrated and more equitable education framework. Our system needs to adapt to support our rapidly changing workforce.
  • If our Australian tertiary education sector is to be relevant and meaningful to the lives and skill needs of the youth of today, and tomorrow, we must design a system for their reality - a changing job context.
  • All aspects of training and apprenticeships systems, its length, content, funding and structure, may need to change.

Real quality for real outcomes

  • Skills for the future will be delivered by genuinely innovative, quality providers with a commitment to quality and to innovation.
  • The tertiary education sector must work hand in hand with broader industry and engage closely with the sectors they work with.
  • Only proven quality providers should be engaged by industry, supported by the sector and funded to deliver high quality training. ACPET is taking action to address critical quality issues through a new Quality Membership Framework. This is our contribution and leadership to creating meaningful change.

Empowered students

  • Students must be empowered and well-informed to make education choices for a changing job market.
  • Our future prosperity as a nation will be tied to the development of so-called ‘soft skills’, entrepreneurial and technical skills, the development of critical thinking and creative design savvy.

A copy of the full communique and be downloaded here
The media release can be downloaded here

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